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Brief moment in time

21 Apr 2019 Share:  
Brief moment in time

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We all know life is short and you should enjoy every moment possible. Still we hurt ourselves and others by expectations and some of us are literally trapped with things they struggle with in their mind. It's weird thinking about that, when you cycle past such a beatiful hotspot in the Netherlands and you almost forget to enjoy the view.

Heartbroken over a relationship that ended 5 months ago, almost 300 meters away from where I took this photo. It was nostalgia that brought us together. A forgotten friendship we had, about 20 years ago, and for a brief 2 months we tried so hard to please each other and make up for the lost past years. Two broken souls: one divorced with 2 little children and the other lonely for over 24 years. All it took was a little faith and determination, but it didn't happen. There was doubt and a growing misconception, until one of us drew the escape card and everything went sour. It's sad that our complex minds work like this, as we struggle daily trying to make the right choices.

Sometimes we simply forget to choose happiness.

Sadly not everything in life is a rose garden. For me "Kinderdijk" will always have 2 sides. Beautiful view and sad memories.

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