Photography is one of my hobbies. Over the years I played with many techniques and I learned quite alot from it. But as every artist knowns it takes more than just knowning your camera. You need to be observant and sometimes bold to get the perfect picture.

I joined a photographers club in Rotterdam called de Phoenix between 2006 and 2008. Digital photography become more and more populair in those years. I bought myself a really good camera Nikon D300 (Review) and enjoyed the freedom it gave me to register everything around me in perfect detail.

At some point I thought, I was becomming really good at it, but I did lack courage to start making more challenging pictures and didn't really excel profesionally or artiscally in getting better results. Nevertheless, I still enjoy doing it and in 12 year time I shot quite alot of images. Now with a spoofy new (bought in 2017) camera Nikon D810 (Review) the perfect details in 36MP it even become more amazing to shoot. But then again it was eating dust for over almost a year before I really started shooting again. Why? Well, having a mobile phone with a perfect 12MP camera and sport activities that made me getting used to only have a phone around. This kind of did not get me in the mood that easy to carry a DSLR camera with lenses around that often.

Anyway I did make pictures over the years and here are the sections I want to share with you.