In my teenage years I worked as a paperboy for several news papers and got pretty fit. Running was easy and fun. It hardly took any effort and I was pretty fast. I did 5 km's below 4:00/km easy. Too bad time registration only happend on events in those days, no smart watches or running devices. Although I only did about 3 or 4 events as I can remember in the period of 1992-1994. And only 2 of them had really good finish times.

After I started working outside town and travelled for work too much. Sport exercises went into decline, and I ended up being inside an office with long workdays and too much junk food. So I stopped running for almost 18 years.

In 2012 it was picked up again and I reached my peak year in 2015 when I did my first Marathon of Rotterdam 2015 in 4 hours and 21 minutes. The year after in 2016 I tried again, but got a heavy fever in februari during my training. So I was a little ill prepared, but eventually did finish this Marathon of Rotterdam 2016 after 5 hours. In 2017 my gall bladder got removed. This was after a full 6 months of pain, so that year I had no Marathon training planned. After getting out of surgery it took a few months to get back in shape, but by the end of the year I was running a Half Marathon again. So I challenged myself to sign up for the Marathon de Paris in 2018 and the only target I had was to finish it for the Medal! It succeeded and It was a real fun experience. As I picked it up as a Fun run, there was no pressure only to finish it within the 6 hours time limit.

After recovering from Paris I developed some knee issues, so I stopped for a period and doing more cycling and shorter rounds on running.

Sadly in the past year I gained over 10kg in weight and it might take awhile to get back in shape again. So this year no events for me.

Running Personal Bests (Official Event Times):

Distance Time Date Event
3000M 0:12:18 23-06-2015 Hercules 3000M Track
5 KM 0:21:17 09-05-2015 Lenteloop a.v. Passaat
10 KM 0:46:17 09-05-2015 2de Hercules trainingsloop
15 KM 1:14:07 11-10-2015 1de Hercules trainingsloop]
10 Miles 1:24:26 12-10-2013 12e Wim Hol Memorial a.v. Passaat
20 KM 1:51:56 10-01-2016 4e Hercules Trainingsloop, Dordrecht]
Half Marathon 1:50:50 08-03-2015 City Pier City The Hague 2015
Marathon 4:21:45 12-04-2015 Rotterdam Marathon 2015

Other events :

My latest training rounds: