Software programming became one of my hobbies in my early teenage years and became daily work since 1997.

With a well over 20 years of experience. I seen alot of code and also alot of techniques evolve over the years. Weird enough every new technique that we use today, are basic priciples and idea's that already excisted in the late 70'sh. My guess, the programmers from the past where so busy optimizing code on slow running CPU's that they never got to the cool stuff computers are doing today!

And there was that procedural vs Object-Oriented programming issue. Well, as people like to believe OOP won, but thats not entirely true. There are still scriptkiddies around! Those who do not value standards or clean code, and love the quick and dirty work.

As I started with MSX Basic 1985, Microsoft GW-Basic 1990, and then Delphi (Object Pascal) in 1995. I never got to the overly complex pramming languages like C, C++ and Cobol. Yet, when I learned OOP. I became very enthusiastic about it, and was determined only to focus on the new generation languages. I did do some stuff in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash (AS3), C# Silverlight and Microsoft C# .NET.

Recently for a project I am back programming in Delphi again creating windows services. And although I do miss some features Visual Studio has to offer. I do enjoy the structured way pascal is setup and the operation speed of the binaries. Not all is Delphi though. I still have a side project that generates code for me written in C#. It actually creates the configuration library that is pascal code, parsed by C# code and read from Excel-Sheets (instead of Database Tables). It's weird I know! But this helps me to not have to alter the Data-Layer each time new settings are needed for my projects. See it like T4-templating does in Visual Studio.

Enough crazy talk.

With this section of my website I want to share some programming knowledge and how to apply it using diffrent languages.

Note: My Articles will link to the Blog section of this website and other articles will link to external websites.

My Articles:

  • Bitwise Flags : Bitwise operations and how to make use of them.

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